Abul Hasan ar-Ridha didn’t make taweel

”ibn taymiyya”//al-hurani//the kurdish-persian imam of ”wahhabism” believes that he has seen ”allah, he looked like a young cute boy! wearing ”golden shoes”!//not even ”zionism” has such foooolish blasphey, yaa jamaa-ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Shaykh Saduq in his “Tawheed” p 163, narrated following hadith:

2 – حدثنا محمد بن الحسن بن أحمد بن الوليد رحمه الله، قال: حدثنا محمد ابن الحسن الصفار، عن محمد بن عيسى، عن المشرقي، عن عبدالله بن قيس(2) عن أبي الحسن الرضا عليه السلام قال: سمعته يقول: (بل يداه مبسوطتان) فقلت: له يدان هكذا، وأشرت بيدي إلى يده، فقال: لا، لو كان هكذا لكان مخلوقا.


From Abdullah ibn Qays, I heard Abul Hasan ar-Ridha reciting (the verse) “Nay, both His hands are spread out” (al-Maida 64). I said to him: “He had hands line these?” and pointed by my hands to his. He said: “No, if they would be like these (hands), He would be (considered) creation”.

What is important here?

Imam didn’t say, He has no hands, that is power, energy and etc. He said if Allah would have hands like ours, He would be considered creation.

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Peres bombshell: ‘I stopped an Israeli strike on Iran’

jews ”own” america!

The Ugly Truth


Public pays last respects to Peres at Knesset memorial Israel grants permission for Abbas to attend Peres’s funeral in Jerusalem

ed note–let’s put a few things into perspective here.

If there is any truth to this, which is somewhere between possible and probable, then the more-than-likely scenario was not Israel attacking Iran directly (which would have been pure suicide, given Iran’s missile capability, to say nothing of Hezbollah to the north) but rather that what Netanyahu and Barak were planning was another false flag attack on America similar to what they authored on 9/11 that would then have been blamed on Iran, thus unleashing the American military as Israel’s designated attack dog to do the job.

In either case, what it shows is the truly rabid and maniacal nature of the Jewish state and the danger that is poses to every life form on the planet.

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